The courier company will attempt to contact and deliver a product or (Service) Voucher to the customer for a period of 7 days. In addition, DubaiFridays will also try to contact the customer for an additional 7 days to inform them of the delivery. A product is deemed Undeliverable if neither the courier company nor DubaiFridays are able to reach the customer during that period. This may be due to unanswered phone call attempts or wrong contact and delivery information.

DubaiFridays cannot guarantee the availability of the product beyond this time. If the product is no longer being held, and upon the customers request, a refund can be processed to DubaiFridays Credit less the delivery charges payable to the courier company, EVEN IF THE DELIVERY IS NOT COMPLETED.

AED 13 Dirhams will be charged for the deliveries less than 5 KG weight and for above 5 KG, extra charges will be charged.

All the orders will be transferred to the courier company at 3pm everyday (except Friday). So any multiple orders (for the same customer) before 3pm will be combined together and the customer will only pay one time delivery charge. 

Any orders placed before 3pm and after 3pm (for the same customer) won't be combined together and separate airway bills will be generated, thus delivery charges will have to be paid multiple times.

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